Mastering the Art of Change

Everything in life is a season. Whether you are graduating from college or making  major life transitions- New job, new city, new love, new goal.  In order to navigate change successfully, it's imperative to find the answers you seek from within first and foremost. I've learned from experience that our inner world reflects our outer world. If you miss this crucial first step of getting quiet for sound guidance and instruction you may wind up way off course.

To help quiet the inner chatter it's great to pick up a mindfulness practice. That could take several forms such as writing 8 things you're grateful for and then mindfully being quiet for 5 minutes after to get guidance. Yoga or Qi Gong are also practices I regularly engage in to assist with being more present and to limit the feeling of overwhelm that massive changes can have in your life. More importantly nothing helps counter the overwhelm of change as developing self-confidence and experience. When you need additional strength actively recall other times in your life where you accomplished things you initially didn't think you could. Sometimes recalling upon past achievements can help give you the confidence you need to tackle the next exciting adventure. This is called a Reverse Time Gap practice. Lastly, ensure to surround yourself with positive people that will cheer you along. You are the sum total of the 5 people closest to you so choose wisely.

Keep rising!  


Finals may Come as a Stress but if you Follow these 5 Helpful Steps I Ensure your Success

All semester you have been preparing for this moment. All of the quizzes and study guides you have made have lead you up to this and now it is time for you to showcase all that you have learned. Finals here we come!

Step 1. Make a To-Do List

It is important to keep a schedule for the crazy week ahead. In order to alleviate some of your stress, make sure you keep a semi-detailed list of things you need to accomplish before the week is over.

Step 2. Limit the Distractions

Sorry Snapchat, but your totally awesome filters are not welcomed here. The only filter you need to be on is mute. Make sure you find a quiet place to study. This means no phones and no loud people. But BEWARE of this quiet studying location…THE BEDROOM. Believe me, around 11pm your bed will be calling your name, and you will want to crawl in. But don’t be fooled by those comfy pillows, by midnight you will be sound asleep and would not have completed anything.    

Step 3. Highlight and Take the RIGHT Notes

Note taking is important but taking the right notes is key. I suggest reading over your notes and highlighting the key words that correspond to your study guide.   

Step 4. Sleep! Sleep! Sleep!

It may seem impossible but it is crucial to get an ample amount of sleep. The last thing you want to be is tired to your 8am class. A good night’s rest will maintain your focus and concentration. So please, be kind to your body and SLEEP!

Step 5. Celebrate!!    

By the time finals week is over you might be too exhausted to want to leave your house but it is important to debrief and treat yourself. Believe me YOU DESERVE it!

Keep Going

So now I'm stuck pondering if this is God’s and the Universe's funny way of telling me that I need to stay where I am, as of right now this situation just sucks!

Have you been there in 2016? Are you there now in a situation that just SUCKS?  What can we do in these next 30 days? Read more as this post is so real and vulnerable.


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Wonderful Wednesday- Power of Belief

In lieu of a post this week, we wanted to give you a bit of encouragement as we approach the mid-week mark, holiday season and quickly approaching end to 2016. You can have, do, or be anything that you want if you first believe. Strong conviction and belief turns into proper action so you can achieve the goals for your life whether it be college, career, health and beyond. 

We are grateful for our loyal readers and we believe in you!! You are halfway there! Yes, YOU can!!

Best wishes this Thanksgiving 2016!! 


My story begins as a girl who always did as she was told. When my parents would say, “Go to school”, I went to school. When my parents would say, “Go to practice”, I went to practice. When they would say, “You need to go to church”, your girl was bright eyed and ready for church the following morning. So far, every step I have taken has been planned out. Life was easy when I did not have to make any decisions and simply follow the rules. But throughout this process, I realized that nothing was growing for me. Before I would act on any situation, I would weigh the pros and cons of it, even if that meant doing something I hated as long as I knew the outcome. If I could not see my destination, best believe I was not doing it…sound a little familiar? I used to call this being smart and making wise decisions, but now I call it LIVING IN FEAR.

I played basketball for seventeen years and it has become a major part of my identity and for those who know me, they only know me as a basketball player. But within the last couple years I have had this urge to do something different. It was only after last year that I realized that that something was acting. At first I was scared to even think about becoming as actress let alone tell people what I truly wanted to do. You know that feeling when your hands get sweaty, and your heart starts racing, and ole faithful knot in the throat decides to make a guest appearance? Well yeah, that’s what always seemed to happen to me when I decided to tell people about my future endeavors. To only make matters worse I would receive that fake smile accompanied with that look of, “I feel sorry for your parents”.  At the moment I felt bothered by the mixed responses, but then I remembered reading this quote by Jim Rohn, and he said, “If you are not willing to risk the unusual, you will always have to settle for the ordinary.” I don’t know about you, but I am choosing not to be ordinary. For me, acting is new territory, and I have given myself permission to explore this world of the unknown. It is too easy to go through life doing what is expected. So I challenge you to find that something (or if your really adventurous, that someone *winky face*) you are passionate about, and take this leap with me. We got this! #Leapingontobetterthings

5 Tips to Deck the Halls and Avoid Career Pitfalls

5 Tips to Deck the Halls and Avoid Career Pitfalls- Ms. Rising’s Guide to Rocking Your Corporate Holiday Party

It’s that magical time of year where your social calendar is filling up with holiday parties galore. Including the dreaded or welcome company party. Now for my first timer’s before you break into hives this guide will carry you through so you nail it like a pro. For the seasoned corporate holiday vet this refresher may be just what you needed so you can breeze through as the DJ or live band is playing everyone’s favorite tune. Ms. Rising’s proven tips will ensure you dazzle. 

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Post Graduation Life- Overcoming the QLC aka The Quarter Life Crisis

Freshly showered, check, teeth brushed, check, comfy pajamas with cats on it check. AHHHH, you then on slip into those comfy cold sheets, and turn the lights off. Its dark, quiet, you close your eyes and all you feel is peace. No more worries of Professors, essays, readings, tests because you have officially graduated from college! Who knew that this day would have come already? You wondered what this moment was going to feel like ever since you crossed that high school graduation stage, and you even wondered if you were even going to make it into college after filling in the last bubble of the SAT. But somehow, after all of that, you got accepted, you made it through 4 trying but fun years and you walked across that stage.

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