Post Graduation Life- Overcoming the QLC aka The Quarter Life Crisis

Freshly showered, check, teeth brushed, check, comfy pajamas with cats on it check. AHHHH, you then on slip into those comfy cold sheets, and turn the lights off. Its dark, quiet, you close your eyes and all you feel is peace. No more worries of Professors, essays, readings, tests because you have officially graduated from college! Who knew that this day would have come already? You wondered what this moment was going to feel like ever since you crossed that high school graduation stage, and you even wondered if you were even going to make it into college after filling in the last bubble of the SAT. But somehow, after all of that, you got accepted, you made it through 4 trying but fun years and you walked across that stage.

Life is great and now you can rest, is what they said, but in this dark, quiet, peaceful room, you hear a voice whisper in your ear. You can't quite make out what it is saying so you ask, "what did you say?"  The voice responds a little louder, and yet you still cannot hear what it is saying.  So you respond with a "Sorry, but can you repeat that?" And then all of a sudden that voice screams out, WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO NOW?! You turn the lights on and the FREAK OUT session commences.

Those 7 words are now your mantra for the entire summer or couple of years. You wake up, who am I? What do I like to do? What is my name again? Can I go back to being a clueless freshman? You suddenly realize that you actually have a life to live in this HUGE world. You thought college was the place where you were really “free” and able to make all your “own” decisions. But now you notice the leash has officially fallen off and you are on the ground desperately trying to put it back on.

Although my moment came a year after graduating, as I stepped back onto American soil; from a short career of pro basketball overseas. I had many of those restless night, FREAK OUT sessions in my cat pajamas, crying my eyes out, stressing about what my next steps in life were going to be. I was and still am in this position. But through my short time of trial and error, wise words from loved ones, and a little too much ice cream, I have started working on my masterpiece called life. I realized I have been given a hammer, some nails, screws, wood, and even some super glue. Yes I freak out because there are no instructions, but I take a breath and look down to see that I have all the resources I need, there are no time limitations, and most importantly, a choice of what I want to do and make with what I have.

Some things I want you to do to come down from your crisis or if you just want to do this activity.. 

Number 1 STOP freaking out and looking at the overall picture! This won't do you any good, all you have is the now so focus on that.

Number 2 Get a Diary and start writing! Write down 5 things that make you happy, 5 things that don’t make you happy and lastly 5 things you are grateful for. I'll explain my reasoning for this activity in the post!