My story begins as a girl who always did as she was told. When my parents would say, “Go to school”, I went to school. When my parents would say, “Go to practice”, I went to practice. When they would say, “You need to go to church”, your girl was bright eyed and ready for church the following morning. So far, every step I have taken has been planned out. Life was easy when I did not have to make any decisions and simply follow the rules. But throughout this process, I realized that nothing was growing for me. Before I would act on any situation, I would weigh the pros and cons of it, even if that meant doing something I hated as long as I knew the outcome. If I could not see my destination, best believe I was not doing it…sound a little familiar? I used to call this being smart and making wise decisions, but now I call it LIVING IN FEAR.

I played basketball for seventeen years and it has become a major part of my identity and for those who know me, they only know me as a basketball player. But within the last couple years I have had this urge to do something different. It was only after last year that I realized that that something was acting. At first I was scared to even think about becoming as actress let alone tell people what I truly wanted to do. You know that feeling when your hands get sweaty, and your heart starts racing, and ole faithful knot in the throat decides to make a guest appearance? Well yeah, that’s what always seemed to happen to me when I decided to tell people about my future endeavors. To only make matters worse I would receive that fake smile accompanied with that look of, “I feel sorry for your parents”.  At the moment I felt bothered by the mixed responses, but then I remembered reading this quote by Jim Rohn, and he said, “If you are not willing to risk the unusual, you will always have to settle for the ordinary.” I don’t know about you, but I am choosing not to be ordinary. For me, acting is new territory, and I have given myself permission to explore this world of the unknown. It is too easy to go through life doing what is expected. So I challenge you to find that something (or if your really adventurous, that someone *winky face*) you are passionate about, and take this leap with me. We got this! #Leapingontobetterthings