2017- Your Year to Live On Mission

50 years.... Ok to be exact -  49 years and 11 months of service at the Boys and Girls Club of Raleigh is what Mr. Ralph Capps, President and CEO, shared with me this morning during a breakfast meeting of high performing young executives.  Can you imagine 50 years in your current role? When I come across many of my contemporaries, they speak of far fewer years of service in their respective role and careers and often this conversation is drenched in looks of defeat and discontent. Their body and face screams of quiet desperation.  It's like they know the truth, that there is a better way but ignore the warning signs. (As I write this, I don't have any judgement regarding the discontent, as I too have been there.) However, in that brief encounter with Mr. Capps, I observed something most unusual, there was a twinkle in his eye and a joyful melody in his step and speech as he spoke about his vision for Raleigh 2025 and the Boys & Girls Club.

Like a lightning bolt it hit me.  

This is not just a career or a job or a means to an end for him.

Would you like to know the sustaining secret to his success?

It is because he is living ON MISSION. 

Can you imagine how dramatically different your life would be if you were living in your calling?  It is a powerful elixir that pulls you through seemingly insurmountable challenges and causes you to wake up with joy eager to start the day. As 2016, comes to a close my sincere wish is that you get a taste of this for your own life. Living in YOUR unique calling on YOUR mission. I am excited to share that in the coming weeks Ms. Rising will be releasing an exclusive Interviewing Guide eBook to help you take control of your life so you can live on mission whether it be a new internship, job or better yet that six figure job of your dreams. It will be available exclusively for our subscribers. In addition, we will be offering exclusive opportunities for coaching and a webinar series that will walk you through proven techniques that have elevated me(Ryan Pack) from five figures to a healthy and comfortable six figure salary.  

Stay tuned for 2017.

 Ms. Rising is living on a mission and we challenge YOU to do the same.