Mastering the Art of Change

Everything in life is a season. Whether you are graduating from college or making  major life transitions- New job, new city, new love, new goal.  In order to navigate change successfully, it's imperative to find the answers you seek from within first and foremost. I've learned from experience that our inner world reflects our outer world. If you miss this crucial first step of getting quiet for sound guidance and instruction you may wind up way off course.

To help quiet the inner chatter it's great to pick up a mindfulness practice. That could take several forms such as writing 8 things you're grateful for and then mindfully being quiet for 5 minutes after to get guidance. Yoga or Qi Gong are also practices I regularly engage in to assist with being more present and to limit the feeling of overwhelm that massive changes can have in your life. More importantly nothing helps counter the overwhelm of change as developing self-confidence and experience. When you need additional strength actively recall other times in your life where you accomplished things you initially didn't think you could. Sometimes recalling upon past achievements can help give you the confidence you need to tackle the next exciting adventure. This is called a Reverse Time Gap practice. Lastly, ensure to surround yourself with positive people that will cheer you along. You are the sum total of the 5 people closest to you so choose wisely.

Keep rising!