Keep Going

As of right now, at this very moment 3:51 pm to be exact, I am by myself stuck at my first job because my car battery died, therefore; I probably won’t be able to make it to my next job tonight. I sit here reflecting back on my day, mainly back to the job interview I had this afternoon that didn't go the way I would have hoped. You know the ideal interview that is seamless with no flaws? Yeah that didn't happen. So now I'm stuck pondering if this is God’s and the Universe’s funny way of telling me that I need to stay where I am, maybe some much needed quiet time to get more clarity, or that I needed to write another post. Maybe its a combination of all those things, but as of right now this situation just sucks!


I’m 24, still living at home with my parents, making a less than average salary, single, no clear destination of where I’m going, all I know is that I’m going. Tomorrow is December 1st and I have 30 days to get it together and prepare myself for the new year. All I can think of now is that 2016 has really been a trying year for me. Its been filled with many experiences, lots of learning, mental growth, I’ve been the most out of shape I've ever been, been in the best shape of my life, I’ve kissed, I’ve cried, I’ve had almost relationships, broken friendships, job offers, lots of no’s some yes’s, become a co-owner of business, blogger with many dreams and lots unfinished business. And now I’m here, in this classroom with 30 days left to make plans on how I want 2016 to end.


After the interview I had today and the previous interviews I had earlier this year, I feel that I have been searching for a title. Growing up I always identified myself as a basketball player but ever since I stopped playing, it has been a constant struggle to find a new one. I’ve been trying to find a title that suits me best and makes me feel like me. Maybe 2016 for me has been the year of the “Identity Crisis”. I want to live a great life which for me means so many things but in short, it is to be a multi business owner, reach financial freedom, become a world class traveler all while having my family by my side.


The tow truck has finally arrived so it looks like I do have time to make it out to my next job after all. Looking back on this day maybe there was some symbolism. I may be a little late to my next destination but it's the fact that I’m making the effort to keep going. I’m going to keep writing, focus on my goals and make an effort these last 30 days by accomplishing and celebrating mini tasks every day. I don't know what 2017 has in store for me because I'm still busy trying to tie up 2016. All I know is that if I keep going, continue to have faith in myself and the universe, there is no way I won’t reach my destination.  


What are you trying to accomplish these last 30 days of 2016? 

What steps are you making to prepare for 2017?


Continue to rise!