Finals may Come as a Stress but if you Follow these 5 Helpful Steps I Ensure your Success

All semester you have been preparing for this moment. All of the quizzes and study guides you have made have lead you up to this and now it is time for you to showcase all that you have learned. Finals here we come!

Step 1. Make a To-Do List

It is important to keep a schedule for the crazy week ahead. In order to alleviate some of your stress, make sure you keep a semi-detailed list of things you need to accomplish before the week is over.

Step 2. Limit the Distractions

Sorry Snapchat, but your totally awesome filters are not welcomed here. The only filter you need to be on is mute. Make sure you find a quiet place to study. This means no phones and no loud people. But BEWARE of this quiet studying location…THE BEDROOM. Believe me, around 11pm your bed will be calling your name, and you will want to crawl in. But don’t be fooled by those comfy pillows, by midnight you will be sound asleep and would not have completed anything.    

Step 3. Highlight and Take the RIGHT Notes

Note taking is important but taking the right notes is key. I suggest reading over your notes and highlighting the key words that correspond to your study guide.   

Step 4. Sleep! Sleep! Sleep!

It may seem impossible but it is crucial to get an ample amount of sleep. The last thing you want to be is tired to your 8am class. A good night’s rest will maintain your focus and concentration. So please, be kind to your body and SLEEP!

Step 5. Celebrate!!    

By the time finals week is over you might be too exhausted to want to leave your house but it is important to debrief and treat yourself. Believe me YOU DESERVE it!